Saturday, January 22, 2011

Nearly one whole week later...

and I finally find the time to get my update done! And what a week it's been - one that has given me that much needed lift I needed. I've been so motivated this week and not just by the fact that - yes, it's actually coming off - but also with the fact that the Capricorn side of my nature has really kicked in. Big time!

but first - yes, I have lost weight - nearly half a stone has gone from my wobbly belly bits (not that it's time to run out and buy that bikini just yet). I feel like I did years ago when I used to go with my mum to her UniSlim classes - "yes, I have been very good this week, I stuck to my eating plan, didn't give into temptation and did my exercises every night - can I have a gold star now please?" But I'm really proud of myself, every night when the kids have finally gone to sleep, I've come back down, got out MY balance board (cos it is mine now!) and done an hour on the WiiFit. I've stood religiously at the start with my eyes closed while it told me my weight and BMI, and then sighed a huge sigh of relief that both had come down. Don't ask me about the BMI, that's still way too technical for me at this stage, but I've watched my weight come down every night by 1lb and I am so made up with that. I'm having a break from it tonight after injuring myself last night - nothing serious thankfully - just got over excited with the kung fu and jammed my elbow too hard. So I'm under instruction from "Dr" Tony (my love) that I'm to rest up for a few days and start again on Monday.

And I hate it! Okay, I've got loads I could be doing - knitting, reading, cleaning the house... but for once in my life I want to get up in front of the portable telly and exercise. Maybe it's my age kicking in - I'm more mature now and can appreciate it better - but suddenly it's not a chore anymore, I'm actually enjoying myself! Of course the fact that I can see the weight coming off is a huge incentive but it's not just that - suddenly all this activity they tried to make me do at school is fun. That and the fact that I'm also now a yoga master and a hula-hoop expert ;0)

Anyway, one thing that has become really apparent this week is that I am one of the most competitive people out there. I have had inklings of this for years but boy has it really come to the fore this week. The reason - I've got friends trying to lose weight as well...

For some reason the fact that at least 4 of my friends are going through the same struggle as me has brought the goat out of hiding and made me determined that they can not - will not - lose more weight than me! Some of them are back home in Belfast and I hope to see them when I get home later this year, but they've always known me as being the biggest one of our group and just the thought of seeing their shocked faces when I meet them again after 20+ years has got me hula-hooping like a mad woman. Not that I don't want them not to lose any weight (did that make sense?) but I want my weight loss to be noticeable. Of course we'll all meet up and none of that will matter but at the minute with the Irish Sea between us all it seems too.

So right now, I'm sitting here on my own-some, resisting the urge to get that white plastic rectangle out - I'll do it tomorrow. I'm putting my inner 16 year old Capricorn self away and I'm going to relax for the first time in ages. No TV, no kids, just me and my laptop (cos I've commandeered that from Tony too!)

Roll on tomorrow....


  1. You can do it :o) !! I'm lovin' your earth-momma-hippie-witch-cowgirl-bikerchic description! WHEW that's awsome. I see you lived on Isle of Mann....I want to go visit, is it worth the trip? And remember-you're gorgeous no matter what you weigh. ♥

  2. hey hey hey :) good morning thanks for visiting over at sparkle and shine its lovely to 'meet' you :) good luck on the weigh loss and drowl at te craft shop do you still have it? anyhoo i'll see you soon good luck for the bloggy too x x x x speak soon

  3. I was really sorry to hear about your mum! Have a wonderful Christmas and a fulfilling New Year in which all your hopes and dreams come true! love Annie xx